About Naturesville

Naturesville is a Charlotte NC startup that delivers Organic, Non-GMO snacks that are free from any harmful additives, preservatives, coloring agents, or unnecessary fillers. We take pride in delivering only the healthiest products made from Nature’s finest ingredients. Your body is a precious gift, so give it what it deserves.

The service that runs throughout the week is the brainchild of entrepreneur Abdu Tarabichi, a Charlotte transplant who chose queen city 7 years ago. Abdu worked for corporate for many years and a quick (unhealthy) snack from the vending machine across the hall always annoyed him. The vending industry involves a significant investment in equipment, maintenance and stocking reps in various locations. Abdu figured out an efficient way to deliver a much healthier option with less overhead and minimum risk. Vending machines sell junk to generate enough money to make the business worthwhile. Mr. Tarabichi wanted to change that, so the gates to Naturesville were opened.

Naturesville.com is a service by Sparkle Cube, Inc.