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Pasteless Toothbrush

Where can I buy the Pasteless Toothbrush?

Please refer to our Where to Buy page

What flavor does the Pasteless Toothbrush have?

The sticks have an oily feel with no flavor.

Do I need to apply any toothpaste to my stick?

No.  The antibacterial ingredients are self-contained in the stick's fiber.

Is the Pasteless Toothbrush reusable?

Yes it is! Simply insert it back in the vacuum packaging to retain freshness after usage.  Cut the tip off once it gets dry. Brush as normal and repeat until the whole stick is depleted.

How long does one Pasteless Toothbrush last?

Depending on your usage, a single toothbrush can last anywhere from 5-10 days.
Regular usage (cutting off ½" of tip each day): ~10 days
Heavy usage (cutting off 1" of tip each day): ~5 days.