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Pasteless Toothbrush

The Power of a Stick

Naturesville 6" Pasteless Toothbrushes are made from the roots of the Salvadora Persica tree. These twigs have been used for over 7,000 years as a natural dental care tool.  Salvadora Persica has highly abrasive antibacterial properties that sends a punch to plaque, gum disease, and even prevent any existing decay from getting worse.


Naturesville Pasteless Toothbrush


100% plant-based (Vegan)

Skeptical about the ingredients of toothpaste? Naturesville Pasteless Toothpaste is simply roots derived from the salvadora persica tree. No added chemicals or artificial ingredients here.

NO Water or Toothpaste needed

Keep your teeth bright and clean without the mess of modern toothpaste. When you're at work, driving along, or simply don't have access to water, the Naturesville Pasteless Toothbrush comes handy!

Natural Antibacterial Composition

Naturesville Pasteless Toothbrush breaks down plaque and strengthens enamel naturally without the use of harsh chemicals that most modern toothpaste manufacturers include in their products.

Whitens Teeth Naturally

Salvadora Persica is a well known tooth whitener that leaves teeth glowing while strengthening your enamel. In contrast, commercial teeth whitening strips destroy your enamel and cause tooth erosion.

Packed with Naturally-occurring Minerals

In addition to cleaning and whitening your teeth, Naturesville Pasteless Toothbrush will supply you with a burst of minerals including chloride, sodium bicarbonate and potassium.

TSA-compliant for carry-on

Don't worry about leaving your toothpaste behind when traveling due to TSA restrictions. The Naturesville Pasteless Toothbrush is your dental companion when making that next plane trip.




Naturesville Pasteless Toothbrush can satisfy your daily oral hygenie needs or complement your existing dental brushing. The antibacterial juice contained in the fiber is sufficient to remove all bacteria and whiten your teeth. Use it at home, after lunch at work, while hiking/camping, traveling, or on-the-go!

Both holistic and regular dental clinics can add treatment with Naturesville Pasteless Toothbrush to their services. Brush your patients' teeth with a natural blend of antibacterial goodness and whiten their teeth without harming tooth enamel.

Naturesville Pasteless Toothbrush for Pets are thicker chunks of fiber that are suitable for pet dental hygiene. Brush your pet's teeth or give it to them as a chewing stick.

Apart from using our sticks as a natural toothbrush, you may also cut the sticks up into 1" pieces, boil them for 30 minutes, then use the solution as a natural mouth wash. Alternatively, you may chew the 1" pieces and use them as a natural deodorizer for bad breath. Spit the fiber once the antibacterial juice dries out.





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Naturesville Pasteless Toothbrush